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Getting started

To use Blueprint by Baseten, you need the baseten package.


Install the latest version of the baseten package:

pip install --upgrade baseten

Requires Python 3.8 or later

The baseten package requires at least Python 3.8.

Your API key

Blueprint is a Baseten product, so accounts and API keys on one platform work on the other.

All you need to do is create an API key.

Click here to create an API key.

No problem! You can use the same account for Blueprint.

If you already have a Baseten API key, you can use that here, too.

Otherwise, click here to create an API key.

If you don't already have a Baseten/Blueprint account, you can create one in terminal with:

baseten signup

You'll be prompted for the necessary information to create your account.

Or you can visit the Blueprint landing page and create an account from there.

After you've created your account, use this link to create an API key


Before using the baseten package to invoke or fine-tune models, you'll need to sign in with the API key you just created.

Here's the authentication process:

import baseten


Keep your API keys safe

Your API key is like the password to your account. Don't commit it to any repositories or store it insecurely. We recommend using an environment variable to store your API key, then accessing it like so:

import os
import baseten


Open up your terminal and run:

baseten login

You'll be prompted for your API key to complete the authentication process.

Signing in creates a file ~/.baseten_config, so you only need to re-authenticate when you change your API key or switch to a new device or environment.